A brand close to nature! Morel presents the Koali collection, a standout in the added-value niche of women’s designer eyewear since 1999.

Koali sees the world through eyes that are committed to evoking the essential values of nature. The name Koali comes from a Hawaiian plant, and therefore calls to mind an entire world of luxuriant flora and exotic insects, as well as a return to the authenticity of nature. Aspects of bio-design run through all of the brand’s creations, which, not content with merely copying nature, seek to adapt elements of flora and fauna to the optical world and its constraints.

The design of the endpiece, endtips and temples takes its inspiration directly from plant and animal forms, while the names of the models reflect the nature metaphor (examples include Manta Ray, Ginkgo Biloba and Trumpet Creeper).

The product environment of the brand also takes nature as its model, utilizing predominantly green materials and visuals reflecting inspiration from the plant and animal kingdom in point-of-sale promotion.