20/8 is generally agreed to be the best possible clarity achieved with the human eye.

It’s with this clear vision we have dedicated our focus here at Level 28, on eyewear with an undeniable level of quality and design.

We are a little unique, we’re into design and style – the art of looking good and we’re also into optometry – the science of seeing with healthy vision, so whether it’s frames and lenses or sunnies and contact lenses, we’ve got you covered.

Our obsession with design detail, innovation and material quality has crafted a range – all smart, stylish and uncompromised – without the fanfare.

At Level 28 we have worked hard to create a range that is exclusively ours where style,material and production quality are always highly considered.

Great design ensures our products looks great and wears well. Great design is also no longer expensive – it’s now truly accessible, and a fair price.

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