What are the signs of hearing loss?

Hearing loss can occur suddenly or gradually over time.

There are a range of symptoms that may include:

- You may have noticed family & friends mention they believe you have an issue hearing them clearly

- You notice a difficulty understanding what people are saying to you

- You find yourself lip reading to understand conversations

- You may find yourself always asking people to repeat themselves

- You have been regularly exposed to loud noises across your life

- You have trouble identifying the source/direction sound is coming from

- You find higher pitched voices, such as children, harder to hear

- You have the television or radio at a high/full volume but still have trouble hearing the sound

- You notice that background noise makes conversations difficult

- You feel that everyone mumbles around you

- You feel left out of conversations

- You have missed hearing the doorbell or telephone ring

- You have noticed that soft sounds, such as the trickle of water, particularly difficult to hear

Will a hearing aid help you?

If recommended as a treatment solution, a hearing aid will offer the ability to hear more clearly and may assist with your regaining a greater sense of independence, participation in the world around you and enjoyment of daily life.

What happens after my self-hearing screening?

The self-heating check provides a pass/fail indication of hearing loss. As a follow-up from any loss result, our audiologist offers a free 15 minute consultation to explain the results and what this may indicate. If a comprehensive hearing test (1 hour with audiologist) is required, you are welcome to consider our clinics for this service (a fee will be applicable for comprehensive tests).

Is there any financial support for hearing aids?

Yes, we are a service provider to the Hearing Service Program (HSP) and accept HSP vouchers - subject to individual eligibility. The vouchers entitle the bearer (including pensioners) to hearing aid subsidies and can act as credit that reduce the cost of a wider range of hearing aid options. For more information on the Hearing Services Program please visit www.hearingservices.gov.au and our professional hearing care team can also guide you through the HSP process.

For any further questions, please contact our hearing care professional team at the The Hearing Co clinic in Carindale.


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