Blue Comfort lens coatings are specifically designed to reduce the amount of potentially harmful blue light rays that your eyes are exposed to through a blue light filter on your prescription lenses. 

As our digital world grows, so does our time spent in front of screens. From work to education to watching television or scrolling on our smartphone, the high daily consumption of blue light means that our eye health is at risk, with eye fatigue, eye strains, sleeplessness, and other eye concerns becoming common problems.  

Blue light is the most dominant light emitted from our device screens and it has the closest frequency to harmful UV rays. It has a short wavelength, which means it’s very easy for it to pass through our eyes, through the cornea and lens, and potentially damage the light-sensitive cells in our retina. Blue comfort lenses can help to protect your eyes from blue light rays, keeping them healthy, and providing you with more comfortable and relaxed vision, and better contrast perception when using everyday digital devices. 

Benefits of blue comfort lens coatings include: 

  • Can easily be applied as a coating to prescription lenses

  • Reducing the amount of blue light entering your eyes every time you use digital devices and reduce eye fatigue, eye strain, rubbing, dry eyes, and other eye concerns

  • Light, especially blue light, can trigger migraines and worsen headaches, so wearing Blue Comfort glasses may help support headache and migraine prevention

  • Blue Comfort lenses can support your natural circadian rhythm and improve your overall quality of sleep, with a study showing promising results for those with insomnia. In the same way a walk outside in the sunlight can help you feel alert because of the natural blue light, spending time on a screen before bed with artificial blue can also make you feel alert, disrupting your sleep. In this way, a blue comfort coating may help support sleep.

  • Working to support your eyes in both indoor and outdoor settings

To learn more about how blue comfort lens coatings work and if it could be right for you, contact one of your nearest store team here.