Crystal clear lenses significantly transform your vision to help objects appear sharper, clearer, and much closer to reality. As the images we see are made up of light, these lenses work by reducing the normal 8% of light that is reflected off the surface of your lenses to only 1%, giving you a more complete, brighter picture.

While light can bounce off the outer surface of your lenses before it has a chance to reach your eye, it can also be reflected off the inner surface towards your eyes to create an uncomfortable glare and make objects more difficult to see. This can be particularly troubling when you’re driving at night with street lights and oncoming traffic, when spending time inside under fluorescent lights, or when working in front of a computer. 

The crystal clear coating reduces light reflection, improves contrast and enhances visual performance, making daily life and vision more comfortable for those who wear glasses every day. 

The benefits of crystal clear lenses include:

  • Being able to be applied to both sides of your lens, to work both ways

  • Greatly reducing reflections and improving the quality of the images seen in all lighting conditions

  • Improving the eye’s ability to perceive contrasts and see objects more clearly and sharply

  • Clearer and more comfortable eyesight means reduced eye fatigue and strain

We also offer crystal clear plus lenses, which have the benefits of crystal clear lenses with extra protective coatings that make them even more durable. To learn more about crystal clear plus, see here.

To find out more about how crystal clear lenses can support your eyes and vision every day, contact one of our friendly stores here.