Polarised lenses are recommended for anyone who spends significant time outdoors, not only to reduce glare from reflective surfaces, but also to help protect their eyes from harmful UV rays, boost colours, improve visual clarity and generally improve your quality of life every day.

On bright or sunny days, harsh light can reflect back to our eyes from flat and shiny surfaces, like water, wet roads or snow. This can make it very difficult to see clearly and comfortably, as well as produce harmful effects over time - including contributing to the development of cataracts.

Polarised lenses are made up of specialised filters that block this type of light glare entering the eyes, meaning that your eyes are protected, eye strain is reduced, and your vision and ability to perform everyday activities when outdoors is significantly improved. The filter itself is virtually invisible, meaning that the look and feel of your lenses and glasses is unaffected by adding this feature.

Benefits of polarised lenses:

  • Polarised lenses gently support those with particularly sensitive eyes and those who have underlying conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, uveitis, as well as people who suffer from migraines and those recovering from eye surgery.   

  • Polarised lenses can enhance a person’s driving by reducing the impact of glare from sunsets, wet roads, lakes, oceans or snow which can be blinding for drivers and cyclists, making it difficult to see oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

  • Those who do outdoor sports such as golf, running, sailing, snowboarding and skiing can find relief from the glare of bright light or snow, with polarised lenses, and boaters or fishermen can use them to see more clearly into the water without reflections.

To learn more about polarised glasses and whether adding polarisation to your lenses could be right for you, contact our team here.