When you’re wearing eyeglasses every day, it’s important for them to be comfortable, to not constantly slip down your nose due to their weight, and for them to help you see your best, so you can make the most out of every experience. High-index ‘slim and light’ lenses deliver a slim and light lens that delivers all of these features with precise vision.

Traditionally, lenses prescribed to help those with far-sightedess or astigmatism were thick and bulky - as the stronger the prescription of the lens, the thicker and heavier the lens needed to be to achieve the function. Unfortunately, as a result, thick lenses could reduce comfort, distort appearances, and limit the choice of suitable frames to match the thickness at the outer edge of the lens.

High-index lenses utilise the latest technological advancements to bend light more efficiently, requiring far less lens thickness, and so produce a much slimmer and lighter lens. This makes them more comfortable for daily use, while improving their aesthetics.

The benefits of high-index, slim and light lenses include:

  • Being up to 40% thinner and lighter than standard lenses

  • Reducing the extent of eye distortion that can result from thicker glasses with a stronger prescription, improving your overall vision and clarity 

  • Being fitted to a large range of delicate, frameless or fashion frames to suit your preference 

  • Being made from scratch-resistant materials to help extend their durability

  • Having the option to add an anti-glare UV protection coatings to best support your eyes

To find out more about if high-index lenses are right for you, contact one of your nearest store here.