Digital lenses are created using cutting-edge technology to provide you with the clearest vision. The improvement that wearers see can be compared to the difference between an antenna television and a new digital high-definition television. 

Digital lenses are fabricated using computer-controlled surfacing equipment that is extremely precise, meaning there is less distortion and greater clarity. When digital lenses are created, the prescription considers your frame fitting position, optometrist prescription, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt and eye movement patterns. All of this information, and more, is combined to create an extremely accurate set of glasses that eliminate many of the aberrations that were previously unavoidable with conventional lens surfacing. 

Digital lenses are available in single-vision, progressive or multifocal lenses, and can be fully custom built for your prescription. They can provide you with clearer vision in every direction, wider fields of view, better peripheral vision, and sharper image quality in all lighting conditions. 

What are the benefits of digital lenses?

  • Digital lenses are available in thin and light materials, making them ideal for long wear, even with the strongest prescriptions

  • Traditional lenses may blurry edges around the periphery of the lens, but digital lenses remain clear and sharp in all directions

  • Digital lenses can be fully customised for each wearer, their glasses frame size, and even the location of their pupil within the frame outline

  • Digital lenses are available for most prescriptions, meaning that most people who wear eyeglasses are a good candidate for digital lenses

  • Digital lenses are available in tints, with treatments like anti-reflective coating and in adaptive lenses that adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors, to provide the most natural vision for your lifestyle.

We are proud to offer a range of digital lenses utilising the latest in lens fabrication technology. We know how important a person’s glasses, and hence their vision, is to their quality of life. That’s why our eye care specialists go above and beyond to give our clients the best in optical care and lens prescriptions.

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