Keeping your eyes safe and protected is crucial, whether you’re at work on a construction site, or at home in your hobby workshop. Unfortunately, fitting safety goggles over your prescription glasses can be awkward, uncomfortable and unpractical. This is where safety lenses are a fantastic solution used across Australia.

All safety glasses are designed with an incredibly important job of protecting your eyes in high-risk situations, such as when sparks, liquids or objects are flying. Most work-related eye injuries can be prevented by wearing protective glasses, yet this is often impractical for those that require prescription lenses, and their regular frames and lenses aren’t made to offer high levels of impact resistance.

Safety lenses are lightweight, sturdy and highly chip resistant, making them a safe option for those whose eyes - and eyewear - may be at risk at work, particularly in heavy duty environments. Our safety lenses are manufactured with high-quality materials using the latest technology to ensure they remain visually excellent while being fit for purpose, comfortable, and less likely to chip or break. For many of the tradies and hobbyists we see, they’re an essential ‘tool’ in their toolbelt.

All of our prescription safety lenses are made to Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1337.6 for personal eye protection, meaning that they meet all regulatory requirements.

Benefits of safety lenses:

  • Safety lenses allow you to see just as well as your regular lenses, so you don’t have to compromise on vision or clarity

  • Safety glasses protect your regular eye glasses, helping keep them clean and safe when you’re working in a dirty, cold or hazardous environment

  • Safety glasses offer a practical middleground between wearing regular non-prescription safety glasses over your regular glasses, which can feel clunky, slip off and be a hassle, and forgoing wearing your glasses when needing to wear safety glasses, which can put you in danger from suboptimal vision. Prescription safety glasses give you the best of both worlds

  • By giving your regular frames a break, you may help extend the lifespan of your other glasses by alternating between the two for home and work

  • Your eyes remain protected for preventable damage, promoting your long-term health and quality of life


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