Occupational lenses are designed to help you to see clearly and ease the strain on your eyes anytime that you use a screen. This means that they add tremendous value to our clients who have desk jobs, as well as those who enjoy watching videos or browsing the web on their smartphone in their downtime.

Occupational lenses are a step up from reading glasses - they allow you to read at near to immediate distances - up to an arm’s length away through the lower part of the lens, and give you clarity in the upper part of the lens for a little further away. 

By reducing the strain on your eyes, you not only feel and perform better at work with improved productivity, but you also feel better in the evenings when coming from home work by preventing being exposed to significant eye strain and fatigue during the day. We receive great feedback on these lenses and their ability to reduce end-of-day headaches and fatigue.

What are the benefits of occupational lenses ?

  • Occupational lenses can help to provide relief for computer workers who may suffer from eye fatigue, dry eyes, and headaches

  • These lenses typically offer significantly wider visual corridors than traditional multifocal lenses, meaning that wide screens can be comfortably read across, instead of having a limited field

  • By having clear vision when using occupational lenses, better posture can be promoted by not having to crane the neck to get closer to the screen or device, therefore promoting overall health and well-being

If your work or hobbies require significant time spent looking at screens, or you find that screen use is leading to regular headaches or migraines, we highly recommend booking an appointment with our eye care specialists for an assessment and discussion to see if occupational lenses could help you live and work more comfortably. Your health is our priority, and our team takes the time to discuss all of your options so you know exactly how your eye strain can be eased, and which products may be most beneficial for you. 

To find out more about occupational lenses, contact one of our friendly store teams here.