Take care of your eyes, they are working extra hard at the moment.

We appreciate that more people are finding themselves working remotely. Whilst people adjust to new routines, it's important to also consider how much our eyes are doing to keep us all going. Plus consider a couple of blue light/digital solutions available right now, that could help with the digital workload and screen time.

Vision helps us to connect with the world and our loved ones – the world of virtual hugs and limiting physical contact in everyday life means our eyes have taken on extra duty. More recently, during these unprecedented times, we have been relying on our vision to absorb ever changing information and help us make informed decisions.

People are working from home and families have children completing school work via computers and tablets. All this extra digital time adds up in terms of our eyes and their regular routine.

Digital Screen Blue Light

With many work schedules requiring extra digital screen time, it is important to be aware of the potential effect of blue light emitted by these displays.

As a potential remedy, glasses which act to reduce blue light may enhance your focus and reduce eye strain from excessive digital use. Glasses with these lenses may also improve your sleep.

To keep eyes happy when working or studying at home, we have a few suggestions & tips:

1.       Alter the brightness on your device either up or down to reduce strain (The College of Optometrists , 2020);

2.       Take a break every 45 minutes for at least 2 minutes;

3.       Move your screen back at least 60 centimetres away from your eyes (Optometry Australia, 2020); and

4.       Place any reference or reading material at the same distance as your screen so your eyes don’t have to readjust (Optometry Australia, 2020).

Outside following general health guidelines, the best thing you can do for your eyes at the moment is give them rest.

Put the screen down, turn off the television and relax. Let one of your other senses take the lead – listen to some music or balance screen time with reading that book you’ve had on the shelf for a while.

76% of Australians consider eyesight their most important sense (Optometry Australia, 2020) - take some time for yourself during this period and your eyes will thank you.

See our team in store and ask about blue light comfort lenses with your next eyewear purchase, find a store.

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