With up to 90% of all vision loss being preventable, we strongly believe in taking a preventative and proactive approach to each person’s eye care, utilising early detection techniques and technology to help protect and promote vision and overall eye health.  There are many eye diseases that have few or no early symptoms, and they can develop at any age. This is why we recommend having regular eye health checks with a team of experienced optometrists, who use their comprehensive knowledge paired with digital tools to help track subtle changes in your eyes over time, and pick up on any concerns as soon as they arise, so you can start your treatment and management plan as soon as possible.  Our friendly team of optometrists are highly experienced in treating a range of eye health and vision concerns, whether you need help in correcting your eyesight, suffer from dry eyes, colour impairment, eye strain, or a medical condition such as diabetes, high-blood pressure or glaucoma, or something else. Every treatment plan is designed uniquely for your needs, preferences, and to help optimise your quality of life. To learn more about the wide array of vision issues that we can detect with our comprehensive eye tests, please click on one of the links below, or to learn more, contact one of our local stores here.